Pastor Steve and Janis Miller

Pastor Steve Miller and wife Janis have been in ministry for more than 25 years.  They began their ministry “Praises To Him”, by traveling throughout the US, Canada and Mexico singing and preaching the word of God.  Pastor Steve says, “We have never ask for a dime in our ministry and God has always provided our needs.”  Pastor Steve and his wife felt the call of God to start a church and come off the road about 7 years ago but with no building, where would they go?  Pastor Steve said, “I drove by this old barn one day and God said, this is where we start.  I talked with the owner and he allowed us to start the church there.”  He explains, “That was 4 years ago, now we have a new building, 80 acres to grow on and God did it debt free.  Truly nothing is impossible with God”.  Many have been reached since the founding of the Just As I Am Cowboy Church.  Pastor Steve and his wife, Janis, are looking forward to the new year with expectations of God’s miracles in store for the Just As I Am Cowboy Church.




Leon Pease (Deacon)

Leon Pease joined the Just As I Am Cowboy Church in September of 2013.  Leon recalls “The first winter we were still in the barn out on the highway.  It was cold because the boards had cracks between them and the doors wouldn’t close enough to keep the wind out.”   Leon says “The love shown for each other then can still be seen and felt now, that is what I like about Just As I Am Cowboy Church”.  He explains, “I’m glad to be a deacon, it’s a way I can help in a ministry that is reaching so many”.



Rusty Millard (Deacon)

Rusty Millard has been attending Just As I Am Cowboy Church since 2013.  Rusty says, “I feel honored to have been chosen as a deacon.  I love how everybody at church loves each other.  I want to help spread that love by helping others physically and spiritually.  God is leading me to maintain unity within the church.  I would like to help the church body grow by sharing the Gospel outside the church, helping others to see that God is real and to feel His love”.



Gene Arnett (Deacon)

Gene Arnett joined the Just As I Am Cowboy Church in 2014.  Gene says, “It’s an honor and privilege to serve as a deacon.  I have been a Christian for more than 30 years and have never seen such loving and caring people.  I pray I can meet the expectations entrusted to me.  My goal for the church and myself is to increase in the knowledge of Christ and to become more Christ like.  I believe if we are faithful and trust God, we can succeed and excel in the work God has put before us.  God has blessed Just As I Am Cowboy Church with a unified group of extraordinary people ready to take the word of God to a world that is lost and hurting.  I pray God will help me be worthy and capable to meet the task  for I know without Christ it is impossible”.

Shawna Millard (Worship Leader)

Shawna Millard, wife of Rusty Millard, began attending Just As I Am Cowboy Church in 2013 along with her husband. Shawna was saved in 2008.  She sings, plays bass, guitar and leads worship.  Her son, Gabriel, accompanies her with rhythm instruments.  Shawna says, “It’s a joy to lead the congregation in singing praises to God, especially in such a Spirit-filled, music-loving church”.