Church Events

First Fish Fry 2023

It’s Thursday May 18th 2023 and the first fish fry this year at The Just As I Am Cowboy Church. The day begins at 3:30 pm preparing the fish for cooking. Filets have to be cut into small pieces and water drained before the coating can be applied. Leon brings the oil level to the proper depth and the temperature to 375 degrees, coats the first basket of cut fish and slowly submerges them into the oil. The aroma fills the room and drifts throughout the church building tantalizing all who are present. At 5:30 pm three steaming hot pans of mouthwatering fish is ready to be served, minus the few samples that somehow made it into the mouths of those doing the cooking. It is now 5:45 pm and the church is full of hungry mouths waiting for the fresh fried fish. Then the sound everyone has been waiting for, the ringing of the dinner bell calling all who are hungry to bow their head for prayer. Pastor Steve asks the Lord to bless the food and invites everyone to line up for those tasty fish nuggets, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, cole slaw and cherry pie, MMMM what a meal!  It’s now 7:00 pm and time for worship. Pastor Steve leads with prayer and pledges,  then invites everyone who has a special to please raise their hand. Shawna leads with some wonderful worship music that’s sure to lift your spirit. Norman follows Shawna, tickling the ivory with some good old hymns. Then it’s Break Forth,  mesmerizing the crowd with their puppets and their beautifully synchronized Break Forth routine. Then Becca tops the evening with a dismissal song that would break even the toughest heart. It’s hard to imagine that one could come to one place where you can have a meal fit for a king, hear music praising our Lord and go home satisfied yet hungry for more. As I lay my head on my pillow in the stillness of the night, the memories of the evening brings a smile to my face and saturates my heart with joy, comfort and peace. This day will fade into the past but it’s memory will remind me to look forward to the dawning of a new day and as I fall asleep there is one question on my mind, What’s next Lord?  

The Just As I Am Cowboy Church Host July 4th In Paris

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0007A-1024x683.jpgThe Just As I Am Cowboy Church helps host the July 4th celebration at the Paris Fair Grounds with an old fashion hymn sing, puppet show and finger foods including chips, bottle water, water melon and fried fish caught by Fishers Of Men Ministry. The Just As I Am Cowboy Church puppet ministry presented a patriotic salute to our arm forces and songs to lift the spirit of all Americans. Following the puppets Pastor Steve Miller led the people with songs to lift the spirits of all Christians.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0001A-2-1024x683.jpg There are plans to do another old fashion hymn sing again in 2024. The Just As I Am Cowboy Church welcomes all ideas of ways to make our July 4th old fashion hymn sing better. The Just As I Am cowboy Church ask that all be in prayer for the old fashion hymn sing July 4th celebration in 2024.