Fisher’s Of Men

Our goal as Outdoorsmen For Christ is to reach and influence individuals, changing mindsets and empowering people to turn to Christ, therefore enabling them to impact their life in every way.

GPS Locations Crappie Beds

Fisheries Habitat Structure Placement Map Indian Creek Rt N—GO HERE
Fisheries Habitat Structure Placement Map South Fork —GO HERE
MTL Fish Habitat Map North Fork May 2021 3 Fingers Cove—GO HERE

Fishers Of Men Tournament Dates 2023

Spoonbill—March 20th—–March 27th
Catfish——April 1st———April 8th
Crappie—–April 15th——-April 22nd
Bass———May 6th———May 13th

Fishers Of Men Upcoming Dates

Meat, Game and Fish Supper—-Saturday September 24th
Fishers Of Men Campfire Breakfast—-Sunday October 2nd 9:00 am
Fishers Of Men Rodeo—–Saturday May 14th 2023 Information Coming

Fishing On The Missouri River

Fishers of Men have been fishing in Dalton Missouri on the Missouri River for about 2 weeks. We had originally planned to fish Main River below the secondary dam but found the water too shallow. We decided to go to Brunswick Missouri, launch on the Grand River and run the short couple of miles to the Missouri. While we were getting the boats ready to launch we met a man that informed us the Dalton Bottom boat ramp had been replaced and was ready for use. We cinched the boats down, loaded the trucks and headed for Dalton Missouri. We had heard a lot of stories about the Dalton Bottom Cut Off and were excited to try it to see if the stories were true. We set out 4 trot lines, 10 hooks per line, grabbed our rod and reels and settled down for a few hours of fishing. We didn’t catch much on our rod and reels,

I think one small blue cat, so we packed up the boats, piled in the trucks and headed for the nearest restaurant for a glass of ice tea. We baited with gold fish, perch and cut Asian Carp. It was a festive ride home as the jokes and stories were coming out about our past adventures. The next morning we met at the USDA building at 6am, piled into the trucks again, headed for Dalton Missouri and hopefully that monster catfish. We launched 2 boats onto the Missouri River, parked the trucks, shuffled to the waiting boats, turned our hats around backwards, nosed the boats down river and spurred the horses to life. WOW, what a rush! The cool morning air, the water splashing under the boat as it glided on the surface with the anticipation of that big one waiting to be hauled into the boat. We come to the first trot line and all 10 hooks were bare but wait, we still have 3 more to go. Again we nose our aluminum steed down river to the next dike where our trot line is anchored. We pull the trot line up and all 10 hooks are bare. This is not looking good. Again we nose our craft down river toward our next trot line. We ease up alongside the trot line and raise it up and all 10 hooks are empty. Not good, not good at all. Again we press on down river to the last 10 hooks praying that one would be holding that monster catfish. I think

at this point we all would have settled for a medium size cat just to say we caught something. We position our boat parallel to the trot line and one man in front and one man in back grab the line. About the 3rd hook out I hear those wonderful words, “We got one and he’s a nice one”. While the middle man is trying to get the first fish in the net the man in the front says “here’s another one and he’s bigger than the first one”. The day just got brighter for all of us. Then the man in the front screams the words we had wanted to hear for 2 days, “Here’s one and he’s a big one”. We joyfully picked up our lines, made our way back up river to the boat ramp, loaded the boats and made ready for the

joyful journey home where we could show everyone our trophy fish. When we weighed our fish we had one seventy pound blue cat, one sixty pound blue cat and a forty pound blue cat. What a beautiful 2 days of fishing. If you’re wondering what’s next, FISH FRY!!! See ya there…

Fish Fry 2022

Snagging 2022

March 15th is finally here, the day we can go snagging. I’ve been looking forward to this for more than a year and it’s finally here. My wife and I load the snagging rods, gaffing hook, gas for the motor, life jackets and of course personal need items, pile into the truck and head for three glorious days of snagging. We are joined by our brothers and sisters in Christ for the long anticipated trip to Climax Springs. Our caravan, filled with excited fishermen, makes a stop at the 54 Diner for a much needed breakfast filled with tales of past fishing trips, mistakes and sweetened with an occasional sip of coffee. Then back on the road we go like a wagon train headed for the promise of the biggest fish imaginable.
The day is sunny, fairly warm, no rain and very little wind.  Looks like a very good day for snagging. My Dodge truck is running like it’s as glad to be going fishing as I am. We stop next in Camdenton Missouri just a few miles South of Lake Of The Ozarks to pick up food for the meals at the resort where we will be staying. Lazy Days Resort located in Climax Springs Missouri on the South West side of the Lake of the Ozarks is where we will hang our hats for the next 3 days. Another 15 minutes and it’s time to unload the food, suitcases and of course the boats.
This is where things began to swing a little south as small problems began to pop up. Pastor Steve bent a new prop, first time in the water, while trying to unload his boat. The water at the resort dock was low making it virtually impossible to unload the boats without getting into the rocks. The boat slips we had rented were showing less than a foot of water while some had no water at all. We all finally got our boats unloaded and parked in our rented slips.  Then it’s time for some food, a few teasing jokes and off to bed for a good night’s sleep.  Tuesday morning, 7:00 am March the 15th   is the beginning of snagging. We shower, comb our hair, brush our teeth, slip into our lucky fishing pants and shirt and head downstairs to grab a bite then be on our way. The smell of fresh brewed coffee, sausage, bacon and ham sitting alongside fresh eggs, orange juice, biscuits and gravy makes one feel like he may have died and went to heaven. After a hot breakfast, discussions about our method of fishing, where we’re headed and then we’re out the door into the early morning day. As I walk down to my boat waiting on the lake, there is an almost magical silence in the air only to be broken by the shrill screech of a gull flying overhead. The fog hovering over the water as if whispering in my ear adds a mystical dream like quality to the lake. I climb into my boat, the captain of all things, sit down in the captains seat grip the key between my thumb and forefinger and briskly turn to the start position and nothing happens. What could this mean? I check cables, battery and try again and to my surprise it starts. My mind is filled with exhilaration as 48 horses jump to life pawing and jerking on the reins begging to be set free from their captivity. The first passengers take their seats ready for the upcoming activity. I back out of the stall, nose my trusty steed into the unknown and disappear into the mystical fog. As we slide across the water surface my depth finder turns almost black with icons that are supposed to be fish. We stop and each passenger deploys their favorite fishing rod. I grasp the key between my thumb and fore finger turn briskly to the start position and nothing happens. I think to myself, “What is going on?” “This can’t be happening.” I check the cables and the battery and try again and to my surprise it starts. I figure while we have it running we should run back to the resort and figure out what is wrong with my motor. Turns out I had to go to Camdenton to purchase a new battery for my boat. The better part of the first day is gone but we’re back on the lake ready to fish. I hear a familiar voice in the distance saying, “How are you guys doing?” It’s Leon and it looks like they’ve already caught 2 or 3. Boy they look good, really nice fish. The depth finder is showing fish so we deploy our weapons and begin the slow task of trying to snag a spoonbill or paddle fish as some may call them. The sun has melted the smoky fog from the water surface, the temperature has risen and most of us desire something to eat so we head back to the resort. As we enter our stall I notice Jeff McCubbins in the stall next to ours and he is working feverishly pumping water out of his boat. It appears that his boat has sprung a leak somewhere along the way. My passengers and I walk to the resort dining room where the ladies have prepared a wonderful meal. Pastor Steve and his crew are already there eating when we arrive and Jeff McCubbins and Carl Thomson join us shortly. We enjoy a wonderful meal while discussing the strategy for the remainder of the day. Sun glasses and hats on, and it’s out the door and back to the lake to try to catch our elusive prey. Sunset quickly takes over the daylight hours and it’s time to go back to the resort for some much needed dinner and rest. The meal is followed by the daily devotion and it’s off to bed. Day 2 begins with breakfast tacos, juice and coffee YUM. The wind is up a little more than yesterday but still a very nice day. Our first stop is around the 47 mile marker where we left off the day before. We fished up until about 12:00 noon and we were about to tell the guys to reel them in we’re going for dinner. Suddenly Shane grabs his rod, jumps to his feet and yells, “I’ve got one”. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Shane smile so big; it reached from one ear to the other. After what seemed an eternity Shane finally had the fish alongside the boat where Robert and Trenton could get the gaff hook into it and pull it into the boat. Shane tied the mule tale around the bill and the tail and proceeded to hang it over the side of the boat. The fish hits the water, takes 3 or 4 good splashes and swims away leaving Shane standing there with the mule tail in his hand and 4 guys with the deer in the headlights look on their faces. We promptly pointed our trusty steed for the resort and sheepishly headed for the stall. That evening supper was not as festive as the previous day. The mood was somewhat somber but the meal was very good followed by the devotion and it was off to bed. The third and final day of our snagging trip begins the chore of packing. Breakfast is whatever you can rummage up. Some have decided to go out early for another shot at hooking the big one. Pastor Steve is first to load his boat. Pastor Steve must back his truck and trailer out in the water to get his trailer deep enough to load his boat. After several tries he finally manages to get his boat on the trailer. Next John Taylor’s son-in-law Jake is going to attempt to load John’s boat. Jake’s daughter backs the truck and trailer into the water the boat comes forward and the trailer comes unhooked and rolls back into the lake. Jake finally gets to the winch strap stretches it over the trailer in to the truck where it can be pulled out and reattached to the truck. Next it’s my turn to navigate the shallow boat ramp. Carl Thompson directs me to where I should park my trailer. I slip my sweet running Dodge into park, jump out and head to the stall to retrieve my boat. I square the boat between the docking runners, gun the motor and slide the boat as far up on the trailer as possible. Carl Thompson climbs into that sweet running Dodge and proceeds to bury it in the loose sand and gravel. I climb out on the trailer tongue to hook the winch strap, slip and sit down in the lake with my clothes on, BRRRR. Thanks to Danny DeOrnellis and his sweet running Dodge 4X4 and a few minutes later we were out and ready to tie our boat down. Next it was Jeff McCubbins’ turn to load his boat. Jeff backs his trailer and his sweet running Dodge into the shallow waters of the dock. As Jeff lines his boat up with the trailer guides his boat inches up onto the trailer you could see sand, gravel and mud churning up behind his boat. Jeff’s boat is on the trailer but something doesn’t seem quite right. That’s when Jeff notices his motor is stuck in the sand and gravel at the rear of his boat. Jeff can’t raise it or drive forward for fear of tearing up his lower unit. After several minutes of work and tugging the motor finally comes loose. After several hours of hard work we’re finally at the top of the ramp loading our stuff for the long journey home. Needless to say the festive mood has somewhat diminished but our joy is still present.
Fishers of Men caught a total of 11 spoonbill and 10 blue cats netting us a medium size cooler of dressed fish ready for a fish fry. Fishers of Men experienced many problems over the 3 day fishing trip but in the end our joy of fellowship, fun, food and the love of Christ has drawn us closer together. Some may say that fishing is not a ministry and I might agree. I do, however, believe that fishing is a wonderful tool to allow our joy of fellowship with Christ and each other to illuminate the darkness in the world. Maybe you should just find out for yourself join us on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Just As I Am Cowboy Church Paris Missouri at 6:00 pm, and yes, and bring your fork the fish is mighty tasty.