Fisher’s Of Men

Our goal as Outdoorsmen For Christ is to reach and influence individuals, changing mindsets and empowering people to turn to Christ, therefore enabling them to impact their life in every way.

Missouri River Condition and Level

Find out what condition and water level is on the Missouri River.  This graph displays the information in 4 hour intervals at Glasgow Missouri.  Normal pool is 14 to 15 ft.  Click HERE to view the information.

Best Fishing Times

Find the best bite times based on temperature, wind, pressure, humidity, cloudcover, rain precipitation and uv index.  This is updated daily bases.  Go HERE to check it out.

GPS Locations Crappie Beds

Fisheries Habitat Structure Placement Map Indian Creek Rt N—GO HERE
Fisheries Habitat Structure Placement Map South Fork —GO HERE
MTL Fish Habitat Map North Fork May 2021 3 Fingers Cove—GO HERE

Fishers Of Men Tournaments and Rules

Saturday April 20th – Catfish Tournament – 6:00 am – 4:00 pm (For the rules go HERE)
Saturday May 18 th – Crappie Tournament – 6:00 am – 4:00 pm (Rules to come )

Fishers Of Men Go Fishing 2023

The alarm goes off waking me from a peaceful sleep, alerting me it’s time to get ready to go fishing. Darkness is just beginning to fade and the sun has just started to illuminate the tree line in the Eastern horizon. I’m supposed to meet the guys at 8:00 am to go to the river to check the lines. I scramble to expedite the needed duties necessary and step outside in the cool morning air. A lite sprinkle of rain tingles on my cheek with a chilling reminder that winters cold grip has not yet let go. I drive to our prearranged meeting place and along with Steve and Carl wait for the rest to arrive. It’s not long before Bobby Lee shows up and we’re seating ourselves in Steve’s truck headed for Keysville Restaurant for that much needed cup of eye opening coffee. Then it’s off to the river to check the lines to see what treasure awaits us. The first line produces a 10 or 15 pound blue and a small 3 or 4 pound channel cat. We secure a 20 or 30 pound blue cat and a small flat head on the fourth. It’s about 10:00 or 10:30 am, the rain is now falling at a steady pace soaking most of the way through my clothes causing a shivering cold to rush down my back. Steve maneuvers the boat into position to check the last line. I gently lift the line and start working my way toward the end. Carl, in the middle of the boat, lends a helping hand while Bobby Lee checks the line at the rear of the boat. The cold morning air is shattered by that long awaited phrase, we’ve got one and it’s a good one, rolls off of Bobby Lee’s tongue. The last hook on the last line holds a 66 pound flathead. Suddenly the cold air and rain seems a bit warmer or I don’t notice it as much, not sure which it is. Carl nets the fish and hauls it aboard the boat. The fish are in the live well and we’re headed back up river to the boat ramp. The joking and laughter warms my heart as we load the boat on the trailer, tie it down and we’re back in the cab where it’s warm. Steve noses the truck toward Keysville Restaurant and another warm cup of coffee. We’re now back in the truck and headed home to dress the fish we caught. I relax and as I ponder the catch we have I can’t help but feel a deep feeling of gratefulness to the Lord of my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to go fishing, grateful for friends like Carl, Steve and Bobby Lee, grateful for the equipment to go fishing and yes grateful for the fish we caught. I think it’s true, God does care about what we want rather it be a healing from illness or yes even a pole to go fishing. I believe we should trust him because he knows what we need even before we ask.

Jesus And A Jon Boat

Just As I Am Cowboy Church Rednecks Fish The Missouri River…