Here’s Whats Happening At The Barn


Sunday School – 10:00 am
Sunday Worship – 11:00 am
Fellowship Dinner & Worship – Thursday Evening 6:00 pm
Halleluyerr Day – 3rd Sunday Each Month
Halleluyerr Night – 3rd Thursday Each Month
Men’s “Getting the week started coffee” – Each Monday 8:00 am
Fishers Of Men – 2nd Tuesday every other month 6:00 pm
Hunter’s For Christ – 2nd Tuesday every other month 6:00 pm

Here’s What’s Happening This Month

April, 2023
Friday, April 7th—Carry The Cross
Tuesday, April 11th—Fishers Of Men Meeting 6:00 pm
Tuesday, April 25th—Singing At Millers 1:00 pm
Saturday, April 29th—Free For All Garage Sale

Don’t forget about the loose change jar ministry 

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Just As I Am Cowboy Church
Host Their 4th Annual Meat, Fish and Game Supper

The day began early, around 2:00 pm, for most everyone at the 4th annual Meat, Fish and Game Supper. I was busy taking pictures of everyone working together preparing for the evening festivities. My name is Gene Arnett and I lead the Fishers of Men Ministry in the Just As I Am Cowboy Church. The men who attend the Fishers of Men meetings are the ones who catch the fish for the fish fries held once a month during the spring and summer months of the year as well as the Meat, Fish and Game Supper. Leon arrives a few minutes later prepared to cook the fish for the evening. Leon Pease is the leader of Hunters for Christ Ministry in the Just As I Am Cowboy Church. Several of my family members arrive ready for the meal and the gifts to be handed out later that evening. The meal consisted of frog legs, crappie belly, onions and eggs, deer chili, deer meat loaf, macaroni and cheese, salads of all kinds as well as deserts that would satisfy the desire of any sweet tooth. The puppets started the evening with several songs and wrapped up with the Deer Hunter’s Prayer song. Break Forth followed with music that beckoned those who don’t know Christ as their personal savior to come to know him. Pastor Steve Miller introduced himself then spoke for a while about the ministries in the church and inviting those in attendance to come to know Christ and hopefully return next year. Then it’s  time to pass out the gifts. Each person received a ticket when they came in the door. The ticket had a number on the front and a place to write your name and address on the back. The duplicate tickets were put in a hat and drawled out one at a time. The gifts this year consisted of a crossbow, 243 rifle, catfish, bass, crappie and snagging rods, cast iron cookware, hunting vest, fishing gear and much more. The head count, as best could be determined, came to about 214 not counting the children. My sister Shirley Fendrick won the rifle. My nephew won the cast iron cookware and his daughter’s boyfriend won the meat slicer. The evening ended with the laughter of family and friends discussing their future meeting and teasing about the gifts they had won. Many have enquired about the next year Meat, Fish and Game supper. I assured them that it would fall on the last Saturday in September. We pray everyone had a good time and look forward to seeing you next year.