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Getting Hitched At The Barn

Buck Evans Wedding

Joe and Lucy Wedding Ceremony

A wedding at the barn (Just As I Am Cowboy Church). Saturday June 20th 2020 at 10:00 am was a wonderful day for Lucy and Joe as they exchanged their vows in a marriage ceremony at the barn. As a large crowd looked on Lucy accompanied by her mother, Maria, and her farther, Jeff, conducted a well-orchestrated wedding ceremony and reception.

Joe was caught by the barn marshal and his devoted deputies trying to escape. The barn marshal and his deputy’s lassoed Joe tied him up and prepared him to stand before the preacher. Joe and his gang were soon facing uncertain consequences as the preacher took his place of authority behind the pulpit. Then it was time for the ceremony to begin.

Maria was escorted to her chair by some ruthless looking character with a strong resemblance to the outlaw Jessie James only with a beard and a black hat. Maria was terrified, can’t say as I blame her.

Then the sanctuary lit up with beauty as the flower girl deposited delicate pedals like morning dew drops across the meadow.

Next came the ring bearer small in stature but mighty in purpose and the bib over-all’s were as cute as could be.

Next came the brides maid and lovely she was but the expression on her face said she was for Lucy so watch out Joe.

Then came the bride! When she started down the stairs, well everyone couldn’t help but take notice of her radiant beauty like the morning sun peaking over the eastern horizon of a new day. Her gorgeous white dress, matching yellow and white bouquet, and cowboy boots made up her wedding ensemble. When Joe saw her, well let’s just say the barn marshal didn’t have to hold him in the rope any longer.

The preacher heard all the request and testimonies and with a cheerful smile pronounced judgement, “I pronounce you man and wife” echoed through the sanctuary. The crowd was excited for Joe and Lucy and offered hugs and congratulations accompanied with their handshakes and smiles.

It’s not every day one gets to see things like Jessie James escort a mother to her chair to watch as her daughter gets hitched or a ruthless gang no longer terrorizing the community because one of its members decided to go straight. One might think he had been in the presence of angels when he heard the Wisdom of Solomon through the preacher’s words of encouragement and judgement. One might think that special things happen at the barn and if you ask me, they do. Congratulation Lucy and Joe, and God bless you.